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If a moment's worth capturing you want confidence your camera's up to the job. The Galaxy S7's brighter lens and larger pixel image sensor mean better pictures, even in low light. And its Dual Pixel 12MP camera is the fastest you can get, instantly focusing on objects for crisper, clearer images. So whether you're at the beach, at a gig or out with friends you know you can trust your phone to capture the moment in all its glory.

Lollipop Update

How to update an Android?
  • Open settings
  • Scroll down and select About Phone
  • Select about phone
  • Finally select system updates

  • The good news though is that if you don't have Lollipop for your phone yet you probably will soon. And the even better news: it's worth the wait, as it includes a smörgåsbord of new features, a visual overhaul and numerous under-the-hood improvements to make it faster, more efficient and lighter on your battery.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 release date and everything you should know!

    Update: Samsung has announced its Bixby AI assistant and confirmed it will be coming to the Galaxy S8, complete with a dedicated hardware button to launch it. We've also seen leaked images of the S8 in various colors, front and back.

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 is almost upon us. We've got a confirmed Galaxy S8 launch date - March 29 - and there are a flurry of rumors teasing the upcoming features of Samsung's latest flagship smartphone.

    There are even hints that it will in be called the Samsung Galaxy S8, if there was ever any doubt. Want to know what it looks like? Look no further.


    A convincing look at the Galaxy S8 (credit: @evleaks)

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